Ok, I’m leaving (*sings* ooooon a jet plane . . . ) town on Wednesday morning.  (At 7:00AM!!!  Who flies that early??  Well, me, apparently, but seriously!  That’s EARLY!  Especially since it means I have to be at the airport – which, thank God is close to my house – by 5:30AM!!  There is no God.  :P)

What?  Oh, yeah.  The subject of the post.  Right.

So I’m staying with my friend’s best friend, whom I’ve never met, but who is being gracious enough to provide me with a place to stay and food to eat.  (She’s got a big ol’ Thank You present coming her way after I get home!)  But here’s the thing: I can’t exacly turn up my nose at whatever she offers me, because that would be bad manners.  BUT I also know that she cooks a lot of pasta and stuff like that, which yanno, messes with the hypoglycemia and makes me feel like CRAP. 

I’m hoping she’ll let me cook a couple of the nights I’m there (“Oh no, really please, it’s the LEAST I can do!” – I’m good at that Minnesota Nice stuff: the sincere kind, not the snarky kind), and I know we’ll go out to eat once or twice, but overall, does anyone have any ideas for NOT feeling like total crap all the time?  I just don’t want to be one of those people who shows up going, “Oh, thanks for giving me a room and feeding me – that’s really generous of you.  And by the way, I can’t eat flour, sugar, starch of almost any kind, ground meat, any cheese and oh, do you have organic veggies?  Because I only eat organic veggies.”  We all know those people.  (And they wonder why I stop inviting them to my dinner parties.  Ahem.)

So how do I keep from being sick all the time without being totally rude?


(Also, check this out for “Minnesota Nice” – I almost peed my pants, it was so funny.  Although that might be because I have family from the MidWest, and that dialogue isn’t THAT far off the mark!)


6 responses to “Help!

  1. stopping by as I know the masses hath far better advice than I did—–hope your ENJOYING your time away in other capacities.


  2. I imagine worrying about it will make you feel almost as crappy as the food! Try to relax about it as far as you can – try not to pre-empt disaster before it happens.

    If it does? Just have a small portion and take some healthy, filling snacks with you that you can have in your room – this way you’re not offending anybody but you’re not going hungry either – and you’ll be minimising any disruption to your system.

    Most of all HAVE FUN!!

    TA x

  3. The fact that you are worrying about it proves that you are not rude – if you were rude, you wouldn’t care! I think offering to cook a meal or two is a great idea and would be appreciated. (I know I would appreciate it!). I think your friend’s friend would certainly understand.

  4. Thanks, guys. TA, I’ll definitely take snacks. I hadn’t thought about that, but there isn’t any reason I can’t stash a couple of bars in my bag. Desperate times and all that. 😛


  5. Checking back in…I always bring a shitload of snacks mainly because I’m so used 6 meals a day and am of visiting those accustomed to eating 3 squares a day.

    Lemmie know if you want more ideas!


  6. Thanks, Miz. I’m really hoping she’ll let me cook a couple of meals while I’m there, too; I think that’ll help a lot. 😀

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