Welcome, MizFits!

Thank you for stopping by!  *waves*  It’s nice to meet you all!  And thanks, MizFit, for the link!  (I just realized I haven’t written anything in this post that doesn’t have an exclamation point yet!  And it’s starting to annoy even me!  So I have to knock that crap off!  LOL)

Aaaaanyway.  Feel free to look around, but a word of warning: I have NO ability to be short or to-the-point.  Ha!  The “About Me” tab is probably the best place to start: it’s the shortest, most to-the-point thing I’ve got on here, and it’s a halfway decent overview of this blog (subject to change according to my whim, of course ;D).  Beyond that . . . you’re on your own, kids.  Take your jacket and look both ways before you cross the street!  It’s a scary place out there in my head.  😉

So, that’s it!  Have fun!  (Again with the exclamation points!  WHAT is THAT about??)  😀


6 responses to “Welcome, MizFits!

  1. Hi! How are you! Are you glad it’s Friday?! hehe! Wandered over here from Mizfit and just wanted to say hello….

    *clears throat*

  2. Oh, SO glad! You have NO idea! LOL

    And hey – I JUST left you a comment on your blog! Like ships passing in the night, I tell ya. 😉

  3. Hi too. Wondered over here from Miz Fit as well. Just saying hello.

  4. Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. healthyhollywood

    Hey! I love how candid and honest your posts are. Looks like I’ve got another daily read! 🙂

  6. Hi HH! Glad to have you here!

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