Quick hit: Vanity, thy name is Blonde

Soooo . . . I’ve been trying to run/walk/whatever in the park every MWF.  But I’m not doing anything tonight.

“Why?”  I hear you cry.

Because I got my hair colored SERIOUSLY blond last night, and am not supposed to wash it for 2-3 days.  So sweating?  Is OUT.

Priorities people, priorities.  And boy, do I have them. 


9 responses to “Quick hit: Vanity, thy name is Blonde

  1. Hey, hair is a top priorities…I have always wondered what I would look like as a blonde…but I figure I better stick with brunette. I was going to exercise tonight as well…buuut tonight’s shift at work completely wore me out..I think I got in tonights workoutx3!

  2. Yeah, I used be brunette, and lemme tell ya, lifting out the brown to super-blonde almost KILLED my hair. Thank God I have a lot of it, lol.

    I’ll go back to running on Monday.

    Nice to meet you, btw! 😀

  3. Love your priorities!! I think alot of people took today off 😉

  4. dont they say that “blondes have more run”?

  5. Suzanne, that makes me feel at least a little better! I’m a sucker for the “if everyone else is doing it, I can too!” argument! 😀

    Charlie, you know what the most fun thing about being blond is, imo? Being a SMART blond. It freaks people out. (No, really. I get treated totally differently when my hair is dark. It’s an interesting experience, actually – and HIGHLY entertaining! LOL)

  6. Ahhh, super blonde is such a brave choice! I rather miss my blonde days sometimes…I looked so much more tan! But then I remember how high maintenance it was and how little I maintained it…the darker the better now. Anyway, your priorities are right where they should be as far as I’m concerned! Imagine how great you’ll look on your next run with your fab new hair!

  7. Ha! You know what’s funny Cara? One of the reasons I like being either super-blond or super-dark (although I haven’t been dark in a while) is because my skin is really, really pale. If I’m either really blond or really dark, the pale skin looks more natural, and I don’t have to mess with the self-tanners! LOL

  8. It’s a good thing you did – I ignored my stylist’s advice and went for a run after my dye job and now it’s not nearly as cool as it was after I left the salon :(. BOOOOO!

    Happy Sunday!

  9. Yeah, well they put the fear of God in me: “The dye needs time to set. Underneath the dye your hair is PLATINUM blond, so if you wash it too early and the dye washes out, your hair will be WHITE.”

    ACK! So yeah. I might even give the dye an extra day to set, because having Charlize Theron’s hair is great, but having Pamela Anderson’s hair? Would NOT be so great. LOL

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