*sings* Dun, dun DUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Ok, that was supposed to be the old horror movie music.  😉

Someone has found me out.  I never told anyone I know about this blog, because I wanted it to be someplace where I could vent safely about whatever was on my mind.  The only reason I kept a blog instead of a journal was for my narcissism accountability.  See, at the time I started writing, I was still acting, and I figured that if I ever “made it” that people would Google me and come across this site and that they might feel better knowing that even someone who had “made it” struggled with weight and self-esteem, because I know I would LOVE to see a blog from someone famous saying, “Hey, things sucked for a long time.  Hang in there, it gets better.”  So I hoped to be that person.  (What?  I admitted I was a narcissist.  ;))

Anyway, I check my Blog Stats regularly, mostly because I think it’s interesting to see what other blogs people are coming from and what Google searches they’re using that lead them here.  So I know I’ve been found out by someone I know because over the last 2 days someone has entered my first and last name into Google and then viewed this site.  Four times.  Each day.  Ahem.  And I have a REALLY weird name, so it’s not like someone could just pull it out of a hat and find me out of sheer luck.  (Marste really is my first name, so for someone to type that in with the CORRECT last name?  Not a coincidence.)

(Actually, know what’s really cool?  When I Googled myself just now to see where on the list this blog came up – it was the third entry, btw – the first two sites that come up under my name are for a short film and a play I was in.  That’s kind of neat.)

I figured eventually someone I know would stumble across it, but it’s still a little weird not to be anonymous anymore.  (I know that was the original intent, but I’ve gotten used to my relative anonymity.)

Helloooooo whomever is out there and knows better than to tell me you found me!  *waves* 
(I hope I didn’t write anything bad about the person who found me.  That could get dicey.)


4 responses to “*sings* Dun, dun DUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

  1. Oh Shoot, u r taking it better than i would have-funny i was just thinking about a particular person reading my blog when i saw what you wrote-I think I’d freak out but then would be ok with it cause I tell the truth on my blog and am proud of my truth, so nothing to worry about except knowing someone from your real life ‘s into your deep thoughts…that’s only scary cause we’ve been socialized to keep those to ourselves and project a conventional image of ourselves! oh well! lol

  2. Hey, you! How’s life? 🙂

    I can’t get TOO upset about being found out: I did, after all, use my real name and all that jazz. I guess I’d just gotten used to the anonymity, you know?

  3. Yes I hear you-life’s confused right now, i am not sure where things r headed, no sense of direction or clarity or purpose or connection or significant other…you catch my drift…

  4. Yeah, I understand. ::::hugs::::

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