Eating Disorders, Religion and Spirituality

Well, yesterday I wrote a post inspired by Rachel’s post and the comments to it, but frankly when I was all done with my post, it was just really annoying navel-gazing.  And I figured if *I* thought that, I probably didn’t want to publish it!  Ha!  So go read Rachel’s post and the comments.  It was really good stuff.


2 responses to “Eating Disorders, Religion and Spirituality

  1. dang it!

    we heart the navel gazing up in herre.

  2. Ha! Well, having a blog pretty much epitomizes navel-gazing, so I figured if it seemed even MORE navel-gazing than usual . . . yanno. 🙂

    But seriously, that post pretty much said everything I had to say. It was made of awesome.

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