Sticker shock

Ok, so recently I’ve been trying really hard to eat mostly whole foods: organic, local, no hormones, pesticides, etc. 

I have discovered many fabulous foods that I would not necessarily have tried before.  I have also discovered that eating organic and local?  Is freakin’ EXPENSIVE.  Holy Mother of God.  When I first decided to try this, I read that most European countries spend an average of 15% of their income on food, and Americans average 9.9%.  I figured out what my food budget was, and realized that my food budget fell almost exactly into that 9.9%, so this month when I sat down to do my bills, I figured out what 15% would be.  I looked at the number and thought, “JESUS!  How could I POSSIBLY spend that much on food?!?!?!?!”  So I added enough money to the food budget to bring the total to about 12% of my income.

Then I went shopping at Whole Paycheck Whole Foods.  Andthe farmer’s market.  And Trader Joe’s.  I didn’t buy a lot of stuff – just a few things here and there (no, really).  I still have some meat and some other stuff in the freezer that I’m not just going to throw out, so I basically just supplemented what I’ve already got.

When it was all said and done, I spent EIGHTY DOLLARS on groceries for the week!!!  And like I said, I didn’t even buy any meat, because I still have some “not-so-local-or-organic-but-already-paid-for” meat in the freezer.  EIGHTY DOLLARS!!!!  Suddenly I understand the 15% of the income!!

::::sigh::::  My first inclination is to buy a little LESS “local/organic” and a little MORE “half-off-with-double-coupons.”  But it occurs to me that although the food budget seems like the easiest place to economize because it’s a large number of dollars, I should probably not start economizing with something that I PUT IN MY BODY.  I’m just sayin’.  So I’ll be looking for ways to strectch my money in other places, and if I need to increase my food budget, I’ll just have to figure out how. 

But, seriously.  EIGHTY DOLLARS.


One response to “Sticker shock

  1. Well that’s been the story of my grocery shopping life for the past 2 yrs, wholefoods taking my whole paycheck…but it feels great 2 know u r putting the healthiest options out there in yr body. Now when I accidentally eat conventional foods I can feel the difference in textures, taste, etc. It’s worth it for me and as time progresses u will know how 2 wisely shop so u won’t break the bank. It’s a lot less costly for me now. K.

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