Sick tonight

I think I’m just crashing from the emotional, mental and physical letdown of the breakup and the accompanying stress. 

That plus the fact that I just took on 2 major new jobs at work and am crash-learning how to do them (because the girl who used to do them just got promoted).

So no writing tonight.  Bed instead.

3 things:
I got up and went to work this morning instead of calling in sick.

That’s all I got today.


3 responses to “Sick tonight

  1. Hey feel better. I have a new boss at work so working crazy hours and all also got me tired. take some time for yourself and take care of you! K.

  2. Thanks. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the crazy hours. Hang in there, yourself.

  3. Hey how are you? long time no posting. Hope all’s well,

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