Declaring a moratorium on weeknight television

Ok, so back in January, I made a list of new habits that I was going to develop over the coming year.  The first 4 were:
Spend 15 minutes a day writing/blogging, including 3 things every day that I’ve accomplished and/or am proud of
Spend 15 minutes a day submitting to casting websites
Plan and pack my meals and snacks for work the night before (so I’m not running around like a lunatic at 6:30am, trying to find something to eat for lunch).
Go to bed every night by 9:30.

I got the writing and the submitting down pretty well, and I actually have been doing ok at the 3 things a day (although I haven’t been writing them here, so that’s not so great – this is supposed to be my place to keep track of that stuff).  And MOST of the time I remember to fix food for work tomorrow.  But that 9:30 bedtime – my GOD.  I get busy cleaning or writing or reading or just watching TV (ok, mostly watching TV), and suddenly I look up and it’s 9:30.  By the time I wash my face and brush my teeth, and then read for a while to shut my brain off, it’s 10:00 or 10:30 (or if the book is really good, 11:00 – let’s be honest here). 

I know that the aversion to going to bed at a decent hour is entirely an issue of self-sabotage.  (The hows and whys are more than I feel like going into right now, but take my word for it: I’ve dealt with this behavior for a long time, and it’s definitely self-sabotage.)  And a big part of it is that when I turn on the TV at night, my psyche doesn’t really have a chance to rest at all.  The noise agitates me on some level that I’m not even really conscious of until it’s time to go to bed, and I realize that even though I haven’t been doing anything but watching TV, I feel like I need to wind down.  That’s why I go to bed and read. 

So.  In the interest of getting past this mental/emotional block, I’ve declared a moratorium on weeknight TV.  Since I work M-F, for me that means I won’t watch TV Sunday-Thursday nights – in other words, all the nights I have to get up and go to work the next morning.  I didn’t watch last night or tonight, and I have to admit that I actually kind of like the quiet in the house.  This morning I got up at 6:00 instead of 6:30, and I didn’t feel ridiculously tired, which was nice.  I even fixed my hair beyond just putting it up in a roll.  And tonight, I’ve had dinner, dropped my shoes off at the cobbler’s to be fixed, talked to my mom, ordered some new shoes online (which I REALLY needed – my other ones are threatening imminent death) as well as a couple of cookbooks I’ve been eyeing in the store (but can’t bring myself to pay full price for).  It’s only 8:00, and I’ll probably go to bed soon.  I’ll have a chance to lay in bed and read (which I LOVE) and I’ll turn out my light by 9:00.

And here’s the great part: when I go to bed early and read, after an hour or so, I really am tired, even if it’s early.  Reading in bed is my brain’s signal that hey, we’re getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyy.  So when I turn my light out at 9:30, I’m actually asleep before 10:00.  And THAT means more sleep, which eventually means I will catch up on my sleep and start getting up earlier, and *THAT* means I might actually get to a point where I can exercise in the morning – even if it’s just some yoga or something simple. 

I’m trying to nail down this last habit by the 15th, so that I can move on to the next ones (which include getting up at 5:00am).  So yeah, I gotta get this resolved.

Wish me luck.  😀

3 things:
Recognizing how I sabotage myself
Resolving to change the sabotage pattern
Remembering that for me, weight is emotional – not physical


One response to “Declaring a moratorium on weeknight television

  1. Hey! Thanks for the visit. Mind you that I’ve had one day my shoul just opened up for 10 yrs. It’s at my bedside but I just haven’t done the work. Guess I should, huh. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I hear ya on the 9:30 bed time. I’m on the same schedule, been this way for 2 yrs throughout my weight loss journey but I’ve got to say that it is very hard. I sometimes want 2 watch shows or elections analysis, or talk on the fone, visit blogs, do some praying/work on me,who can do all this by 9:30? Sticking to this schedule means I am up early enough 2 workout for 1hr before work, but my social life’s taken a hit. Then again being obese probably would have had more negative effect on it, lol. “.

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