What. The. Fuck.

Have people COMPLETELY lost their minds?????

Don’t feed the animals, folks.  Especially not the fat ones. 

Don’t feel like clicking the link?  Sandy over at JunkFood Science has posted that Mississippi has recently introduced a bill that if passed would PROHIBIT restaurants from serving food to obese people.   Here’s her summary:

It has actually happened. Lawmakers have proposed legislation that forbids restaurants and food establishments from serving food to anyone who is obese (as defined by the State). Under this bill, food establishments are to be monitored for compliance under the State Department of Health and violators will have their business permits revoked.

Yes, you read that right.  Go read it again if you need to double-check it.  Ok?  Ok.

Apparently the lead author is Representative W.T. Mayhall.  Sandy called his office to find out if he was serious, or if he was just trying to make a point with an outrageous bill.  Unfortunately, he’s serious. 


If you’d like to tell the esteemed Representative what you think of this bill, you can reach him here:  tmayhall@house.ms.gov

Go give him a piece of your mind.


3 responses to “What. The. Fuck.

  1. This can’t be real! He must be looking for publicity or something, come on! How inhumane! Gosh, this world must be going crazy. Wow. Have a good week end,

  2. Wow, right after I posted my previous comment the story was featured on CNN headlines news! So it is really true! Gosh! I suppose he is rationalizing this in terms of cost of obesity but God how cruel. It’s gotta be a violation of some sort of individual rights, geez. Karine

  3. I know, right? Completely bizarre. Jay-SUS!!!!

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