Tonight, toniiiiiiight . . .

If you don’t know that song from West Side Story, that post title will make NO sense, but I got nothin’ better tonight.  LOL

So last night, when I wrote that what I was writing just wasn’t for posting, it was because I was writing the ex a letter.  Not a letter to be mailed or anything like that, but something to help me get some of my thoughts and feelings in order and sort them out of my head.  It helped a lot, actually.  More than just journaling about them actually, which surprised me.  But I’m doing better tonight, so yay.  🙂

I got a fantastic opportunity at my job today; one that I think I can actually take, which is nice, LOL.  See the background on me is that I’m trying to “make it” as an actor in Los Angeles.  And by “make it” I mean be in a position where I can pay all my bills by acting.  Right now I work at a Major Movie Studio in the legal department.  I work as a secretary, and I support 5 people (2 SVPs, plus a few others), all of whom are very cool with me coming at going at all hours for auditions.  It’s basically a perfect job: it pays all my bills, and if I need to be gone for auditions or shoots or whatever, these folks are genuinely ok with that.  You don’t find that many places, so it’s pretty great. 

A friend of mine got promoted recently, and my boss, his boss, and HIS boss (that’s the SVP, EVP and President of the division) wanted me to take her place.  Unfortunately, she does NOT work a job that would allow comings and goings, and I’m not ready to settle down at Major Movie Studio in an office job.  So I had to regretfully turn the job down. 

BUT.  This is the cool part.  One of the things she does is coordinate our travel and scheduling for 2 major film conventions every year.  She books the hotels, confirms the restaurant reservations, golf course reservations, etc.  And because she’s coordinating it (or at least our end of it), she gets to go.  While she’s there, she says her time is pretty evenly divided between working (including “real” work, and “work” like attending dinners at steakhouses with great food and wine) and time to herself.  So while she’s there, the company pays for her room and  food in very nice hotels, and she pays for her own massages and things like that.  Ahem. 

She’s leaving soon though, and they don’t have anyone to take her place yet.  One convention is being planned right now, and the next one will be in the fall, which means that they don’t have anyone who will be here in time to be trained for the next convention.

Except me.  Ahem.  I’m here, and everyone likes me (I haven’t figured out why yet, LOL), and the President’s secretary didn’t want this job (!), so they asked if I’d consider taking over just this aspect of my friend’s job. 

So I get to learn how to do this, and if I decide/find out that I really don’t have the time to do it, or if I don’t want to, or if they decide they don’t want me to, I’ll just train my friend’s replacement.  But if I DO want to keep this particular job, and it works out, I’ll get 2 weeks a year of traveling and staying in great hotels and schmoozing with major industry people – all on Major Movie Studio’s dime.  AND I’ll get to keep the secretarial job that allows me to come and go for auditions all the freakin’ time.

Life.  Is.  Good. 



One response to “Tonight, toniiiiiiight . . .

  1. Hey I’m glad writing that letter 2 the ex did you some good. Not sure I’d mail it either so I’m glad you didn’t write it for that puspose. Hey seems like you got the best out of this deal at the job, good on you! Karine
    Ps: my new blog is up, tho I’m not done filling things out but would love for u 2 visit it when u can. Address:

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