How Long Does it TAKE, for Cryin’ Out Loud??

Today was just a tough day.  I’ve hit the point in mourning the breakup where mostly I remember the good things, and I miss him.  I have occasional bouts of anger, but mostly I just feel like we threw away 6 months of something great for 1 month of shittiness.  And now I just miss the good stuff.

 This hurts like a bitch – and it sucks SO much.  I’m housesitting right now, which is probably for the best, because all I really want to do is eat junk food and drink.  But I can’t, because this isn’t my home, and I brought food with me, since I’m only here for a few days.  So I can’t just raid the cupboards and binge, which means that I have to actually sit with the hard feelings and go through them.

 But I miss him so much.  Can’t I just be done missing him now?  Please?


3 responses to “How Long Does it TAKE, for Cryin’ Out Loud??

  1. God, that’s SO hard.

    Good for you for trying to handle the feelings without bingeing–all I can suggest are exercise and social support, two things which you no doubt are trying to do already.

    Hang in there–it WILL get better.

  2. Hey MJ, glad to see you posting again…sorry you are missing him still. I think this is pretty normal though, these things take time…be patient, and continue to feel all of it so there isn’t any residual effect to be taken into your next relationship. You’ll be alright,

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, I need to get some more exercise. At the moment, with the housesitting, I’m not getting much: I come home after work, walk the dog, feed the dog, check on the teenager’s homework and pretty much fall into bed. I know I’d feel better if I got some exercise, though. I gotta get back to working on that. Lordy.

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