I got the job!

I pretty much knew I’d get called in for the interviews and all that, but that didn’t even happen. I talked to the Sr VP yesterday afternoon and he offered me the job outright. So next week I’ll work 40 hours as a temp, and the following Monday I’ll start in a permanent, part-time position. I’m pretty stoked. 🙂 I’ll be working with the existing Assistant until she leaves in January, so I’ll have a good 5 months to get acclimated and learn whatever work I don’t already know how to do, which is cool – especially since I’m working in the Legal dept, I’d hate to run into a situation and NOT know what to do. That could get hairy.

It’s just a little weird how fast everything fell into place. Don’t misunderstand; the layoffs are HORRIBLE. But as far as my situation is concerned, it worked out really well. I just wish my good fortune didn’t come at the expense of someone else. 😛


6 responses to “I got the job!

  1. Oh excellent!!

  2. Congratulations and welcome back!

  3. Thanks, guys! 😀

  4. Yay for you. It’s not like you laid them off personally.

    Sometimes you’ve been the layoff victim I’m sure. The universe is evening itself out.

  5. So, are you to busy now to call or write young lady?

  6. Yeah, I know I’ve not been the most reliable poster lately. There is so much crap flying around my life right now I’m just trying not to get hit. Geez . . .

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